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Name: Ipram Nady Gendy

Address:      8 Mostafa Kaml st. , El-Dahdora , El-Fayoum 

" Main address "

11 El-Hoseany st. from 70 st. , El-Maady , Cairo       

" Temporary address "

Sedy Beshr Bahary ,17 st.  , in front of  Elsawy

,Alexandria .                  " Temporary address "

Telephone Number:

·      0106012271

Date of Birth: 21/3/1980

Nationality:     Egyptian.

Languages:     1-English: Very good.

Passport: Valid.

Marital State: Single.

Military State: Fully Exempted.




·   Secondary school: Gamal Abdel Naser, at Fayoum. Graduation: 1996.

· Civil Engineering.

Cairo University.

Graduation Year: May 2002.

Graduation Grade: Bass.

Graduation Project: Reinforced Concrete Design

Graduation Project grade: Very good.

Work History :

· Worked with a small contractor “Lutas” company in repairing buildings as a site engineer.

· Worked as a technical office and site engineer with ( PIE , Panigar International Egypt) in El-Asher Mn Ramadan City in steel caring ( Blasting , Painting ) we was a sup-contractor to DSD Ferometalco Factory .

· Worked as a site engineer in a (USAID) project through ABB SUSA inc. at the USAID MIDDEL CITIES OF EGYPT (Fayoum waste water treatment plant at Kohafa with a construction cost of $ 34 million) which was jointly financed through the USAID ( ABB SUSA inc. and MWH ) and the Egyptian government.

· Worked as a site engineer through a USAID project In Alexandria. Main contractor was Morganty and through MWH. In this project we replace the old water net in Old Alexandria with a new net using Steel Ductile pipes and all its accessories (Valves, Propylene house connections, Fire valves,  … etc).

· Working now as a technical engineer in Samcrete Technical Office, on Estimation Office. My scope of work is to prepare the pre qualification papers to introduce it in the pre qualification tender, read and study the tenders specifications that our company shares. Some of the projects I shared in its preparation:

1.      Infrastructure Projects: (Earth works for 500 Fed. In New Cairo City – Roads in Sudan, Afghanistan & Iraq – Earth works in Golf City).

2.      Building and Civil Work: (Ahram Heights – US army camp in Afghanistan – many tenders in Historical Cairo).


Work Experience:

· Have a good experience in caring of steel by blasting ( using sand by comprising it in a high force and power using compressors and let it come through a small jet to make it effective on steel to remove it's black layer on the top. After that it takes coats (layers of paint) in case of the place this peace of steel will work, for example (deserts, water ports, fire tanks, factories). We were using a high quality of paintings like Jotun, Hemples, and Metalization.

· Have a good experience in finishing buildings and flats (Blast, paint, breaks, installing doors and windows,….)

· I was responsible for inspecting and applying concrete for (man halls, hand halls, duct banks, columns, slabs, rafts and many other casing of foundation, shear walls, back filling).

· Have a good experience in laying ductile pipes and make house connections with propylene pipes.

· Have a good experience using Telescopic.

· Have a good experience in Estimation (Tendering) Work with all its relative works

1.      Studying Tenders.

2.      Counting.

3.      Make Technical Documents related to the tender.

4.      Making a comparison between other companies quotation.

5.      Making a time scheduling with Excel.

6.      Choose the best price for each item.

7.      Make a Break Down for each item.


Computer Skills:

· Operating Systems: Professionally using Windows98, Windows XP.

· Programs:          Office 97 & Office XP           (word–excel–power point )

AutoCAD                                (2D)

Photoshop       (under study)

Primavera       (under study)

· Have a high Experience in dialing with the Internet.

· Worked for 5 years in solving Hardware & Software computer problems.



Hope to work with you in or out of Egypt.

Ready to study any advanced Coerces to qualify me for any new job in our field.







Ipram Nady Gendy



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