47 El-Maraghi st,


                              Cairo, Egypt.




           Seeking for a challenge career opportunity that utilize and combine my experience

        and skills in communication networks and computer to achieve and devlop best work  


    Personal data



: Emad Erian Abd El Malak Ghoprial


: 47 EL Maraghi st., Helwan, Cairo.

  Date of birth

: 7th of April 1979.


: Bachelor of Electronics & Communication Engineering 2001.


: Cairo University

  Marital status

: Married.

  Military Service

: Completed.

  Telephone No.

: +202 8414390  +2012 5845758 +21368469492


     Summary of Qualification


            Work at ORASCOM in Mobinil Maintenance Project and that work was in the

        following fields:

-   Site repair & construction 3 months.

-   Maintenance and alarms problem solving during 9/03 till now.

-   Certified by ALCATEL during 29/02/2004 till 08/03/2004  on:

   Introduction to ALCATEL GSM Network.

   ALCATEL Base Station Subsystem Description.

   ALCATEL 9100 BTS Description and Maintenance.

   MW links and specs

-   Since 03/2004 till 06/2005 overcoming Radio problems and solve it.

-   Since 06/2005 till now working in the project of Djezzy Maintenance.

-   Certified by SIEMENS I  and C institute from 03/04/2006 till 12/05/2006 on :

   SRAL XD commissioning.

   SRAL XD Field installation and commissioning.

   SRAL XD PDH Split Radio System.

   SBS Overview BR7.0

   SBS BR7.0 Operation and maintenance.

   SBS Installation Test Procedures BR5.0/6.0/7.0

-   Good in arranging & managing stock and work as I am responsible of a region.

-   Generally good in analyzing and put steps for problem solving






-   Arabic : excellent as a native language

-   English : Excellent in reading and writing

-   French : fair



Cairo university, faculty of Engineering (grade: Good 70.16%)

Project :Printed circuit board drilling (Grade: Excellent)


     Computer Skills


     Ability to work and create with team.

     Excellent in dealing with all Microsoft Windows versions.

     Excellent in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point and Access.

     Very good in dealing with internet and web surfing.

     Programming with C++ & PASCAL & Visual Basic.

     Excellent in Hardware and Software problem solving.

     Good in Computer networks.

     Good in drawing with AutoCAD program.

     Good in dealing with any new program.

     Interests and Activities:


-   Reading and listening Music

-   Internet chatting & Playing Chess.

-   Capable of working under stress and performing heavy tasks




       References are available up on request.




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