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Mary Erian Daniel    


                 1- Obtaining an entry-level career in System analyst.

                    2- Or role in web designer.

Educational Ref.:    2001-2005 [FCI-HU]

·        FCI-HU [ Faculty of Computers Science and Information System- Helwan University - Egypt ]

·        B.Sc. Information Systems, August 2005 Faculty of Computers and Information, Helwan University Egypt

·        Grade :- Very Good

·        Graduation Project  :- USS "University Scheduling System"

·        Graduation Project Grade :- Excellent

Training/Work Experience:

                                 Summer 2004 In Helwan University

·        C#.Net First Level


·        C#               

Technical Skills

Programming Languages              

·        C#                          

·        SQL                                        

Web Technologies

·        ASP, ASP.Net ,ADO.Net             

·        HTML                      

                            Graphics Programming

·        Adope Photoshop 8

·        Corel Draw 12          

Database Management Systems DBMS 

·        Microsoft SQL Server2000  

·         Microsoft Access 2000

  Productivity Suites

·        Microsoft Office  2000/XP/2003   

Conceptual knowledge

·        Deep understanding of the Object Orientation Concepts.

·     A good understanding of Database designing concepts.

Soft Skills

·        Interactive and fast enough to learn new technologies and sciences.

·        Advanced Research Abilities.

·        Self Motivated.

·        Ability to work in a group or individually according to the job requirements.

Additional Information

Gender:     Female            

Nationality: Egyptian

Birth Day:  April. 2, 1984     

Marital Status:  single


·        Arabic            Excelent

·        English           Normal

<A brief description to My Graduation project>

Graduation Project Information

Graduation Project Name

University Scheduling System "USS"

Graduation Project Category


Supervising Doctor(s)

Prof….Ahmed Sharef

Your Graduation project brief

Making computer scheduling system instead manual system solve most problems about conflict requests using heuristic algorithm.

Tools and Technologies

Microsoft Studio .Net(C#.Net) + Microsoft Sql.



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