Kareman Samir Ouza                    


Phone No.:024095528                     




  Personal data: 

       Address: 21 Zahraa Nasrcity,2nd region, apartment 14, Cairo.                                                                 

       Date of birth:July 18th ,1983.                                           

       Nationality: Egyptian.                                                      

       Marital Status: Single.    


*    2006 : Bachelor of Commerce and business administration,Accounting

department, English section, Helwan University (Grade: v.Good).

*    1988-2001 : Notre-Dame Des Apotres school from KinderGarten stage up to Secondary studies certificate, Science Section.


*   Language_Skills:Arabic(mother tongue),English(Fluent),French(good language acquisition).         

*   Computer_Skills:Windows,MicrosoftOffice(word,Excel,Outlook),

    Internet applications & surfing.               

*   General Skills: Dependable & determinant, hard working,Awareness & good accountability.             

*   Communication Skills: Good interpersonal skills,Well-interactive in critical situations.


*   Seeking a challenging opportunity within well-established multi-national firm to gain practical needed experience in banking & finance.         

*   Looking for self-actualization & self-development as a fresh Graduate.                                                        


*   Summer 2005: trained at contracts tender department &IT  Department,Suez Oil Company (SUCO).

*   Summer 2003: Trained at customer service  department ,Commercial International Bank(CIB).           


*   Solving any related problems.                                    

*   Enjoys teamwork spirit. 

*   Basketball.             



*   Documents supporting the mentioned details are furnished upon request.                        




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