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12 Ali Kasem st, Kozzika, El maadi, Cairo, Egypt.

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A challenging position with an acclaimed business that will allow me to apply my knowledg, and personal skills, demonstrate my highly ambitious personality to make a positive contribution and pursue a rewarding career....so it gives me much pleasure to present my c.v



Accountant/ Fady

Personal Information

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Fady Nabeel Abdou Wahba.

12 Ali Kasem st, Kozzika, El maadi, Cairo, Egypt.





14, November ,1978

002 027002893

002 0123789591


Ambitious, honest, serious, bear responsibility, hard worker and fast learner, work under pressure, have ability to deal with other….

I like computers generally, Chess, and Strategies games on computer, listening to light and slow music and I like reading, caring about watching updated news, continuous reading of local newspapers.


·         1- Arabic         ( Tongue Language )

·         2- English        write ,speak, read, listen ( Very Good )

Educational data

[1996-1999]  bachelor’s  of Commerce ,

Qualifications: graduated from faculty of commerce, Benha university.

Specialization: Accounting specialization, Grade: very good.

General Grade: Good.        

Computer Skills

More than 10 Years experience in:

·         Excellent Knowledge of Windows 98, XP.

·         Very Good Knowledge of Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, Access, Internet applications ) up to office 2003.

·         Good Knowledge of Microsoft Office ( Power Point ) up to _XP.

·         Good in all hardware component of computer, and so familiar with these hardware components.

6 Years experience in:

·         Accounting Applications on Excel.

Professional work experience

Courses :

English Courses

Dates Attended:  May, 2000 till  December, 2003

·         Developed Language skills.

Work experience:

From June 1999 to May 2000 worked as an Accountant for “CAT for furniture industries”

·         Preparing the Budget and Ledger

·         Account receivable

·         Preparing the cost for every customer

From May 2000 till now work as a Chief Accountant for two companies “Vision for Industry and Trading” and “Angel Dust for Trading and Distribution”

·         Preparing the Budget and Ledger

·         Account receivable

·         Pursuance the Banks Current Accounts

·         Pursuance the Cash movement

·         Pursuance the Stock

·         Preparing monthly reports for sales and Purchases

·         Data entry



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