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TO have a good and a successful carrier &to implement my skill &education for my personal satisfaction


Personal data:

Date of birth: 31.12.1984

Nationality:  Egyptian

Education: graduated from faculty of Arts Cairo University, Oriental languages Hebrew.

Grades: very good in both of 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  year


                Arabic: mother tongue

                English: very good

                Hebrew: very good

                Germany: good

                Syrian: fair


Working experience:

2 month training in "omal maser" news paper.

2 month training as translator in the Egyptian radio station.

2 month training as translator in the Nile TV international channel.


skills :

character skills : good communicator,  work under pressure,  hard worker, self-motivation, diplomacy & tact & management in expression.


Computer skills: windows, office.


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