There are many faces that we meet and deal with in our daily life and with no doubt when you meet a smiling face man you feel joy and internal peace… and Father Bishoy was always having a smiling face that reveal a real gentleness that is unfabricated and this story shows this virtue which Father Bishoy has..

One day a young man looking somewhat strange entered the church and he was forced by The Holy Spirit to repentance and confession so he went to Father Bishoy and said" please Father I want you to give me three hours for confession, when can it be? ".

Father Bishoy didn't think but at once answered him quietly and with a smile" it can be now. "So the young man was encouraged and he began to speak and after less than five minutes he was finished his confession and felt peace filling his heart so he thanked God for making him meet this cheerful man who can make all his surrenders happy. Then he asked our Father to go and partake of The Holy Communion in The Service next day and also our Father agreed at once..


A man with a smiling face makes all who meet him feel happily and peacefully that this face has a special attraction which attract everybody and like this was Father Bishoy whose smiling face makes all people feel peace and helps the sinners to repentance that he was giving hope to everyman not looking to his sins.


His prayer's blessing be with us






Translated by:
Marian Fouad


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