A group of the space inhabitants decided to know humans. They took a spaceship and traveled to earth and they met a group of people.


One of the space inhabitants said:

What is the exciting and wonderful thing you have done?


Man answered:

We succeeded to make a spaceship to travel to the moon.


The space inhabitants said:

This is nothing, we use it for a very long time before you know it. What else?


Man said:

We have invented the computer, a very small machine containing a huge number of information and abilities, so we are proud.


The space inhabitants said satirically:

We know this also a very long time ago, you are so late…anyway what else?


Man said:

THE SON GOD THE CREATURE came down to us and became a man between us and did great miracles that cannot be counted.


The space inhabitants said commenting:

You must be very dear and beloved from God.. He created the entire world for you.

What a great honour that our God be a man.. And what had you done then?


Man said: We killed him hanging him on THE CROSS.


What am I! So denier, so ungrateful you came down to raise me up to you caring about me, coming closer to me but so stupid am I to kill you everyday with my sins.

Who change my nature and give me a thankful spirit rather than a denier one.








Translated by:
Marian Fouad


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