Once a religious minister went to the church at night for the feast liturgy… And just he had entered the church he saw a poor, humble, a simple looking man… and the other ministers were trying to prevent him from sitting at the first seats that are special for the great visitors who come to congratulate the church in the feasts.. But they failed… So this pious minister tried and succeeded to persuade him and sat with him at the last seats, they prayed together till the very end of the service… And then the poor man asked the minister to leave, but the godly minister felt pity for him and he thought to be blessed because of him so he kindly asked him insisting to break his fast with him remembering what THE HOLY CHRIST has said" for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me."(MT (25:35)) And he took him joyfully and happily as a companion to his home… But‼ Quickly something had destroyed this happiness, that the minister's family objected his behavior powerfully and then after his persisting, the minister could hardly entertain his guest at the house basement and as he was unmarried he preferred not to let this man eat alone, so he prepared a small table for both of them and they sat down breaking their fast together.

And the minister (who became a monk just after this incident.)  Commenting on what had happened on the table says:" I was expecting from this man logically one of two behaviors on the table: that he may be ashamed at first and wait till the food be presented to him as a guest or he will eat very savagely and so greedy as a simple poor in front of the temptation of the food and also because of his hunger and deprivation."

But what happened was the opposite that the poor man stretched out his hand and held the bread so satisfactory and with great equanimity and quietly raised his eyes and broke the bread respectfully. And what splendor! What an excitement! That I was surprised to see two holes in his hands and for my astonishment that he has disappeared just after that. He was THE CHRIST who wants to eat with us but we refuse severely and arrogantly... If you want, accept him in his simple and humble appearance…


If you want THE CRIST to break the bread for you... Let the poor break it at first before you... It's GOD who told us about himself saying:" Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren you did it to me" (MT (25:40)).






Translated by:
Marian Fouad


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