From the book of" The scent of JESUS CHRIST in the lives of contemporary righteous people".


A very simple story shows how our LORD is tender as he takes care of each spirit he had created and of every person who asks him deeply:" if the mother forgot her baby, he would never forgets us. As he painted us on his palm, and we are in the pupil of his eye."


We thank You our Great and Tender LORD for Your care and regard to Your children.


Her husband who was a poor worker died and left her with two kids… and they were living in a small room in one of the poor streets.

This widow had no support, no money and no men. And she refused to have any one except JESUS CHRIST who promised to be the husband of the widow and the father of the orphans. She was confident in God’s Care and Regard and she believed in his existence in her life. That makes me very ashamed. I’d like from all my heart to show the picture of this poor widow to those who complain and being angry as they are ungrateful and they are satisfied with what they have, however they have a lot.

She would accept from me something to help her after a big difficulty and a long insistence and finally she suggested working with her hands so long as she has the ability to work… But actually she didn’t have the ability to work because of her weakness and distress, but I encouraged her to work in order to justify my help to her without her refusals. She did some housework and we tried to give her money but she would never accept anything, but only what she needs.

Her way was making me ashamed, her satisfaction, her spiritual joy, and her non-stop prayers while she works with her hands. Her deep thanks to God for the least possible share of life…

One of the marvelous things I discovered by chance that she was saving from the little money she had… I found her once in Saint Mina’s Monastery and there were no journeys or cars that day so I asked her:" How did you come here?" she said:" By train" and she walked. I knew that she baked some bread with her savings and she carried the bread on her head all the way to the monastery. I know that she loves Saint Mina, but to that extent? She spent the rest of the day washing, serving and cleaning the floor with joy and happiness. She really gives as The Lord said "From her need but all her living."…

Like the days of Elisha: Her youngest son came - 6 years old – and asked for something to eat. His mother said:" we don’t have anything but take this pence and go to buy beans" and this pence was all what she had this day. The boy went and came with a dish of beans, he put some salt and asked for oil but the mother didn’t have any oil as she washed the four bottles she had and put them under a small table in the room behind a curtain of an old cloth… she apologized to her son and calmed him saying that very soon God will send us money to buy oil. The boy screamed and protested saying there must be any oil and she was quite and with a broken heart try to calm him and ask him to thank God who takes care of them, she crossed the beans and said:" Eat my son." But the boy insisted and said:" You’re hiding the oil, I must bring that oil" the boy stretched his hand behind the curtain where the bottles are and found the bottle full of oil, the boy screamed more and said:" You were hiding the oil".

But the woman with her spiritual sense quickly realized that God had glorified with her. And she smartly answered her child saying:" Forgive me son, I forgot it."

When the boy put the oil, his mother told him that we must pray first to thank God before we eat….

This woman came to me one day praising The Lord as she found the four bottles full of oil. She sent two bottles to St. Mina’s Monastery and she sent another one to El- Morkosia church and she kept that secret in her heart and she didn’t tell anybody as she felt that God’s dealings with her and his regard to her are special secrets that must not be revealed…. She believed that God takes her husband’s place and he kept his promise to her as God is The Husband of the widow and The Father of the orphans. She had the way of Great Saints in self-denial as God made great miracles with them, they kept their modesty as armour against the devils ’ conspiracies.


Sky voice.


Written by:
Marian Fouad

Translated by:
Engy Magdy.


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