It was told that there was a man, who was fond of climbing mountains, and dreaming of climbing the highest and the most dangerous mountain, and he decided to make his dream be real, and he began to prepare for it, aiming to have the greatest fame and preference, and after many years of this preparation, he decided to be alone in this adventure.

The journey began as his planning for it, and he had all his needs for his dream.

Time passed quickly as he didnít mind it and the night fell with darkness suddenly as he was almost in the midst of the way so he couldnít turn back that it might be more difficult and dangerous than to go on in his way, and actually the man was forced to complete his way which became invisible in the pitch-dark and the sever cold, unknowing what surprise in this dark way.

The man was more diligence continuing his way and after some time and before reaching the top, the man lost his balance and fell of the top of the mountain after he was only seconds from his dream.

He remembered the most important events in his life as he was striking against every rock of the mountain and while his falling down, the man clung to the rope that he tied in his waist from the beginning of the journey, and for his good luck, the ropeís hook was tied firmly from the other side with a rock and he found himself swing in the air, nothing under his feet but infinite space. He was clinging to the rope, with all his determination and persistence, by his blood stained hands.

During this severe night the man took his breath as if his soul is back to him and he still clinging to the rope looking for any hope to be rescued.

He cried hopelessly:" oh God come and help me."

And there was a sound which penetrated the silence answering him:" what do you want me to do?"

' Save me God.

The sound answered:" do you really believe that I can save you?"

' Absolutely, my God, I believe and no one can save me but you!!!

' So, cut the rope you clinging to.

After a short moment of hesitation, the man clung to his rope more and more, in the next day, the rescue group found the body of a dead man clinging to a rope and completely frozen from the severe cold only two meters high from earth.

"Only two meters high!!"


And what about you? Have you cut your rope?

Are you still sure that you will be saved by your ropes?

If you rely on your wisdom and wit in your problems and sufferings, be ware you still need so much to learn how to believe.


Translation of the French story:

Jusqui au bout confiance.





Translated by:
Marian Fouad


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