One day a peasant revolted against his friend and tossed him with an abuse, when he returned to his home, his nerves was calmed down and he began to think with composure" How did this word got out from my mouth , I would go and apologize to my friend." Actually the peasant returned to his friend in great shyness and said to him" I am sorry, this word went spontaneously out of me, forgive me please!"  

His friend accepted his apology. But the peasant returned with bitter soul. And as his heart didnít relaxed for what he had done, he met the village priest and confessed what he had done. He said:" I want to rest my soul, Father; I donít believe that this word went out of my mouth.

His spiritual father told him:" if you wanted to be relaxed; fill your quiver with the birdsí feathers and pass by all the village houses and put a feather in front of each house."

In complete obedience, he performed what was said to him and returned so happy to his spiritual father; he had obeyed him.

But the priest told him:" go and collect the feather which was in front of the doors."

The peasant returned to collect the feather, but he found that the wind carried the feather away and he couldnít find but very little in front of the doors, so he returned unhappyÖ at that time, the priest said to him:" every word you pronounce was similar to the feather that you had put in front of the houses; how easy to do that act? But it was difficult to return the word to your mouth as if you didnít pronounce it .so that in every morning, we raise our hearts and ask with the chanter:" set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.""





Written by:
Marian Fouad

.Translated by:
Marihan Emad

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