Since long time ago, in a town, there was a palace which has thousand mirrors in one room. A dog heard about this room and decided to visit it and when he went there, he was jumping with joy and when he entered the room, he found thousand dogs smiling to him and shaking their tails happily. He was very delighted and decided to visit the palace many often. Another dog heard about this story and decided to visit the palace like his friend but he wasn't funny… He walked slowly till he reached the room with thousand mirrors but for wonder….He found thousand gloomy dogs, so he was panic and ran away.



All the faces in the world are mirrors,

Which reflection do you find on the people's faces?


"So whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them."(MT(7:12)).

Christen Wahba.


Written by:
Marian Fouad

Translated by:
Engy Magdy.

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