I bought a packet of sweet from the airport’s buffet and I sat waiting for the departure of the plane and began to read in a book was with me and ate from the packet of sweet which was beside me. Then I turned and noticed that the woman who sat beside me eating from the sweet which was in the packet. I returned to read but what astonishment; whenever I put my hand to eat from the packet, without any permission or thanking word. I repressed my anger and without saying a word to her.

The situation continued until the last piece on the packet… I waited… she put her hand and took the only piece and divided it into two halves and gave me half and took the second… what cold… even the last piece, she didn’t want to deprive herself from it…!!!

I got upon the plane and sat thinking in what had happened and in this strange woman.

Then I put my hands in my bag to take out The Holy Bible to read in it…and I was very astonished when my hands held the sweet packet which I bought still in my bag!!! Therefore the packet which I ate from wasn’t mine but its hers, the woman who sat beside me and ate without permission, I mean whom I ate from her packet without permission and she didn’t say any blame or admonition word, even the last piece was distributed between us.


We extremely blame the others and we are who deserve this blame, and extremely suppose evil in others and look at them a blame and admonition sight and we are who deserve it.


george nabil



Written by:
Marian Fouad

.Translated by:
Marihan Emad

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