One day a man passed by an empty street and found a young boy seems to be intelligent but he seems to be weak from illness. Then the man asked him" why did you stand here, son?" The boy answered" I was waiting God to take care of me, sir." The man was astonished and said " waiting for God?!" The boy said" yes, God had sent me my mother and had taken her to him, before that he took my father and my brothers, and my mother said to me that God will take care of me after her death." Then the   boy turned to the man and said" wouldnít you think that God will come? My mother never lied on me, she always knew the truth, she said that God will come and I believed that God will come whatever he is late." The manís eyes were filled of tears and to the boy" your mother didnít lie on you, my boy; God had sent me for you." Then a sweet smile appeared on the boyís face and said" Didnít I say to you?... Didnít I say to you? But you were so late in the way, sir."  


"They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles." ( Isaiah ( 40:31)).


Written by:
Marian Fouad

.Translated by:
Marihan Emad

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