In a small room on a top of a houseÖ A poor widow lived a trivial life with her young son in serious circumstances but this small family was distinguished with satisfaction and contentment which is a treasure that never pass away.

Moreover, what disturbed the mother was the falling of rain in winter, the room consists of four walls and a wood door but it hadnít a ceiling.

It was four years since the childís birth, during this period, the town opposed to slight and little drops of rain, but one day the sky became cloudy and full of dark clouds.

At the first hours of the night, the rain fell heavily over the town, all people sought protection in their houses but the widow and the child must have faced these drops of rain.

The child looked a hesitation sight at his mother and slipped into her bosoms but the motherís body became very wet, the mother hurried towards the door of the room and disassembled it and put it inclined over one of the walls.

She hid her child behind the door to veil him from the heavy rain. The child looked at his mother with innocence happiness and satisfaction smile and said to his mother:" What did the people who didnít have a door do when the rain fall?"

At this moment the child felt that he belongs to the wealthy class as he had a door in his house.


How beautiful satisfaction is?

It was the source of happiness, calmness of mind and protection from bitterness, disobedience and hatred.


Thanks God on every thing you give to us.



 george nabil


Written by:
Marian Fouad

.Translated by:
Marihan Emad

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