A rich man has set a great dinner with a big surprise will happen throughout this dinner, he makes the surprise as a secret, then, he began to send personal invitations to all the people in his town who work in his garden and his laboratories.

When the dinnerís date closed, a lot of people have crowded out side the palace of the rich man. However, no one has been ready to go there!

There were several requests about this dinner and its purpose. While their waiting outside the palace, one of them said:" The master wanted to collect us today in his palace to arrest and prison us as he has noticed a shortage in our work, or may be he knew something about our small robberies from his garden or his laboratories." Another person said:" The master is observing his wealth, so he will ask us to give him our doubled debts, and we are incapable of paying it to him. It is the best occasion for him to do that."

There was a third person who added and said:" The master will force us to pay the interests (on money) and he will enslave us, and also will enslave our children and our sons. This big dinner is a covering to passage his law over us, and to bind us with policy until our death."

As a result of these talks and speeches, some people have drew back and refused to comply with the masterís invitation, the others were waiting out because they were doubting from the masterís intention and his aim from this great banquet, but there was a young man who was listening to these talks, he was disagree on their requests and doubts, and he insisted on going into the palace in spite of the other people eyes and their whisperings. And the surprise was! When the time of the dinner has come and the door of the palace is closed, all people came back to their homes. While this young man was enjoying the great dinner with the rich master and his faithful men. Although he was the only one who complied with the invitation of the dinner, the surprise which the master hid it has been announced at the end of the dinner, the surprise was that," every one comes to the dinner will get a finally condonation from all his debts, the interests( on money ), and all the obligations and contracts." The young man went out after the dinner happy and free, while all the people of the town lost every thing because of their refuse, their doubt, and their suspicion.


God set the forgiveness in Jesus Christ to all your sins and your debts.

So, What is your answer about the generosity of love and the greatness of sacrifice?



 Ada Emad.


Written by:
Marian Fouad

.Translated by:
Neama AL Kess Tadros

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