One day there were three trees in a forest above a hill and one day they discussed their dreams and aspirations.

The first tree said:" I hope to be a treasures box one day and be filled with gold, silver and the precious pearls and be decorated with compound variegation and everybody sees my beauty."

 And the second tree said:" One day I’d like to be a great ship which carries kings and queens above the water and sail all over the world and all who are in the ship feel safe because of the strength of my woods."

And the third tree said:" I’d like to grow and be the tallest tree and the most straight tree in the forest and people see me above the top of the hill and look to my branches and think about heaven and God and how did I become close to them, and then I will be the greatest tree over all years and all people remember me."

Years after their supplication, their dreams began to be real, that a group of wood-cutters came to cut some trees, and when one of them came to the first tree, he said:" It seems to be a strong tree and I will be able to sell its wood to a carpenter." And he began to cut it down… and the tree was happy that she knew that the carpenter may make a jewels’ box of it.

And another wood-cutter came to the second tree and said:" It seems to be a strong tree and I will be able to sell it to a ship factory." The second tree was so pleased that she knew that she may be a great ship.

But when the wood-cutter came to the third tree, she was afraid that she realized that if she had been cut down, this means that her dream will never be real. And the wood-cutter said:" I don’t want a certain thing from my tree right now, so I will take it." Then he did cut it down.

When the first tree arrived to the carpenter, he made it a manger and put it in a fold and filled it with straw!!! And of course, this was not what the tree prayed for.

And the second tree also was cut and a good small boat was made of it, and so its dream to be a great ship carries kings and queens was over now.

And the third tree was cut also but in big pieces and left alone in the dark for many years as she forgot her dreams.

But one day a man and a woman came to the fold where the woman gave birth to her child and they put him in the manger that is made of the first tree. The man wished if he could make a bed for the baby but this manger became his bed. The tree could then feel the importance of this incident and she realized that she had hosted the greatest treasure over all times.

After many years a group of men entered a fishing boat which is made of the second tree, and one of them was tired, so he went to sleep, and while they are in the middle of the water there was a great tempest which arose upon them, and the tree thought she is not so strong to protect them safe.

But those men awaked the sleeping man who got up and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm immediately. And at this moment, the second tree realized that she had carried The Kings’ King in the boat made of it.

And finally someone came and took the third tree, and it was held in the streets, while the people were mocking the man carrying it and who was hung upon it up on top of the mountain. And the tree became so much closer to God!!! That JESUS was crucified upon it.


The lesson in this story is that; when things are not going as you want, always remember that God has a plan for you if you trusted him, and will give you great gifts; that for example: every tree had obtained her dream, but just in a different way from that of her imagination. And we don’t know always what God’s plan is for us, but we are sure that his ways are not like ours, but it is always the very best.

And God bless every one of you.


"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." (Isaiah (55:9))


Dina Fathy


Translated by:
Marian Fouad


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