Although I trust so much in God’s caring of us and however I don’t need any evidence that he never forgets or leaves us, but man may pass some situations that makes him praise God saying:"Oh God! What a great attention that you pay to us, we are graved upon the palms of your hands as you said by Isaiah the prophet."

I am a youth minister in one of Cairo churches and I was glad of what God does with me in the ministry and in my job that I am a heart-disease doctor; and one day the Bishop of Aswan asked me to go there to hold youth’s conventions in the summer holiday, so I went.

And one day before I turn back to Cairo, I was in a visit to a young man and when his family knew that I am traveling back to Cairo, they gave me a sum of money and commit me to give it to a poor family lives in Cairo, this family consists of 6 children and their father died leaving them with their mother, who has neither might nor power but God never forgets her, caring of them.

And when I turned back to Cairo I forgot the whole thing, and I had put that envelope in my medical bag in which I put my stethoscope and some of my medical tools, but because of the bad habit of mine which is not to tidy up anything, this poor bag was containing every thing and anything you can imagine, so I never notice that envelope there.

And one day I was called to go to the hospital and I was in a hurry so I took a taxi and after a while it stopped and the driver told me that the wheel must be changed; I got out and I was so upset that I was so late and I waited for changing the wheel and it was so hot, so I went to a near-by kiosk to buy coca-cola and while I was standing there I heard this conversation from the window of one of the  miserable houses near the kiosk, no it wasn’t a conversation it was a prayer…

"Oh God you know that my children ate the last morsel of food and I haven’t any money and we God have no one to depend and rely on but you."

And the lady was weeping while praying.

Only at this moment I remembered the envelope and the money I had to deliver, so I took my bag and kept searching for the envelope for ten minutes until I found                                                                                                                                                                                                it and I read the address and…

I shuddered greatly that the address was the same place I am standing in and this is the house intended, also she is the poor lady who is supposed to receive the money.

I entered the home quickly and gave her the money and I told her this wonderful story, the woman cried that she was so impressed and she realized that God is caring of her and her children that he is the widows’ judge and the orphans’ father.


This is a true story written by Fr.Tadros Jacob


It is true that God never forgets us that he is the one who feed crow chickens (and it is said that when the crow chicks hatch from its eggs the crow leaves them alone, but they don’t die from starving that God created glands for her to exude specified smell to attract the insects to them so the crow chicks feed on them until they grow and can bring their food themselves.)


And so if God cares of the crow chickens greatly like this and doesn’t leave them to die starving, How much then does he care of us and we are his children, Why then we are so worried and afraid of the future? Is it impossible for God to solve all our problems even if it was uneasy?


Amal Tawfik


Translated by:
Marian Fouad


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