This is a true story; its hero is a server in the church of The Great Martyr Saint Mina in phleming.


What can I do God? I kept looking for work for whole seven years and all in vain.

All my attempts failed; is there no solution?

This phone call was the solution; that my true friend told me that there is an office selling computers and they need a salesman, I hesitated a little that I am a computer engineer and I don’t accept this job of the salesman and also the salary is not satisfactory but you know I was obliged to accept, so I decided to meet the office owner; I called him and he ordered me to meet him at 3pm wearing the black suit which makes me look like the movie stars, and with the elegant cravat in which I seem like detectives, and perfuming myself so much.

I went to meet the man full of hope to get this job, at 2:30pm I was in the street ready to go to Roshdy area where the office is when I heard that voice:" help me son… help me daughter."… I turned to see a blind old woman holding my arm saying" help me, I’m lost, I don’t know the way to go home and no one cared of me."… Oh my God I have only half an hour…

·       Where is your home mother?

·       EL-Seiouf my son in the Black head area.   

Where have you been blessed old woman since whole seven years?! Why this very time?! If I obeyed my heart I would have lost the job after whole seven years waiting, and if I left her I couldn’t endure the remorse of The Holy Spirit inside me… I am a server for the preparatory age and I know how to deliver a good sermon, but do I know how to serve…? All right it’s a good and acceptable time now… it’s time to execute the commandment.

"Taxi… EL-Seiouf?"

I accompanied the old lady to her home and her daughter thanked me as women do that she cheered at first so much then she began to cry hysterically.

I reached the office at 4pm, and so the office owner welcomed me so much like this:" I have been waiting for your Excellency for a complete hour…, who doesn’t respect his time, doesn’t respect himself, if you are late in your first day what will you do after that…!"

And after giving me a lecture on the value of time that is like gold or a sward or like cauliflower, he dismissed me of course! And please don’t ask me about my feelings that day, it’s somewhat similar to yours when you receive the micro-bus driver’s insults when you were learning how to drive but (truly I say to you) I wasn’t upset in my heart, no, I wasn’t so much hopeless, I know I did the right thing and triumphed over myself.

And now I’ll tell you what happened just after four days; The same friend telephoned me to tell me that a computer company needs a computer engineer and I never dreamed of that salary and I was chosen from the first meeting, however there were many who are experienced just as me. But really as I execute the commandment to learn how to love God, he doesn’t deprive us of even the earthly reward.


Truly I say to you

"even a cup of cold water shall not lose its reward"


Translated by:
Marian Fouad


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