There was a lion walking in the middle of the forest and he saw all the animals running away from him and fearing him that he is the animalís king, he roared strongly so there was a great echo in the whole forest and many lions, lionesses and cubs went quickly to him.

They saw him standing up silently so one of them said to him" we heard you roaring so all of us came to work with you or to rescue you if you are in danger."

The lion said: "Thank you I am not in danger, I am a king, all wild animals fear me and run away before me, but I have an idea and I want to lay it before you."

       What is it?

       Letís live like all humans.

       We need nothing to wish to be like humans; physically we are stronger and we are free we walk in the forest freely.

       We are not fighting together or eat the flesh of each other and these are human features.

       How can this be, we always work togetherÖ If we prey upon an animal we allot it and give the elders, the patients and the cubs even if they had done nothing with us?

       Letís clash and contradict with each other in opinion and part in different parties and fight and eat each other.

       Impossible, because if we ate each other, we will perish that our bodies are not as weak as the bodies of most of humans are, and our teeth also are stronger than theirs are.

       Letís try to have a human experience.

       How can we clash with each other and we naturally work together?



This imaginative story said by lions is given by the inspiration of what Saint John The Gold Tongue had written that he said that Man became more inferior than animals and insects and so The Holy Bible asks us to learn diligence and perseverance from the ant and to learn collective work even from wild animals like lionsÖ That although they are wild animals but never eat each other, they work together, however Man clashes even with his relatives.



Translated by:
Marian Fouad


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