There is a big river which cross a town and over this river , There's a bridge which is open almost all the time in order to let the ships pass , but it is closed in other times for the trains which pass in its regular times .

The worker who was responsible for the times of opening and closing the bridge was accustomed to take his son with him to play in the midst of nature. While he sits in his high hut to close the bridge at the regular times of the trains. ONE day, while he is sitting he received a sign which means that the train is near, so he pressed the bottom which move the electric lift, but the shock was about to kill him when he found out that the lift doesn't work….

He was no choice but to go down quickly and try to move the lift with his hands in order to let the train pass safely. The safety of the passengers was in his hands and depends on his strength in keeping the lift low all the time of the passing of the train…. He saw the train coming fast towards him, BUT he heard in that moment a call that froze the blood in his veins.

As he saw his FOUR YEARS old son coming towards him over the bars of the train shouting "Dad…Dad..Where are you?"

The man has two choices, whether to sacrifice the whole train and go to pick his child from the bars, OR….

And he chose the second option and let the train pass safely without anyone of its passengers feel that there's a torn body of a child thrown in the river and no one knew about the father who was crying miserably for his son and his heart was broken while he is still holding the lift.




Did you feel sad for this poor man? Do you considerate these feelings?

Did you try to think about the feelings of God the Father who sacrificed His Only Son as a ransom for the world to reconcile us?

Did you understand why the sun was darkened and the rocks were cracked at the time of crossing JESUS CHRIST?

And from the other hand, Are you like the passengers of the train who don't know the price of their salvation?


 Christen Wahba.


Written by:
Marian Fouad

Translated by:
Engi Magdy.

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