Coptic English Sermons

1  Our respect to the Bible Pope Shenouda
2  Homosexuality and the Church Pope Shenouda
3 Christ the healer (En & Ar) Bishop Mousa
4  Let no one despise your youth Bishop Yousef
5 Annunciation Bishop David
6 Feminism Bishop Angelos
7  He who has ears, let him hear Fr. Antonious Makarious
8 The humbleness of the sinful woman Fr. Antonious Makarious
9  Bearing the Cross Dr. Hani Ashamalla
10 The Cross Dr. Hani Ashamalla
11 The Interpretation of the Holy Liturgy Volume 1 Dr. Hani Ashamalla
12 The Interpretation of the Holy Liturgy Volume 2 Dr. Hani Ashamalla
13 The will of God John Malek
14 Healing Nader Barsoum
15  Responsibility towards others  Dr. Samir Boutros
16 kingdom of God & Kingdom of Satan Dr. Hani Ashamalla
17 St. Mary's Song Eng. Emad Fahmy



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