You and your mother

At the half of fiftieth, a young girl was infected with a loss of blood which tiered her healthy and economically. Good people advised her to go to the solitary monk who lives inside the church of St. Mina at Al - Zahraa area in Masr Al – Kadeema. She couldn’t meet Father Mina because of great jam-packed around him, but she found his clothes so she has blessed of it and went back home. After that she healed fully. She married and has boys and girls. When the oldest girl was twenty years old, she has a loss of blood like her mother. The mother told the girl about her old count and advised her to go to the man of miracles who called Pope Keryllous The Sixth. The girl went to St. Mark Church and also she couldn’t reach Father Mina because of crowd so she touched the head cover of Pope Keryllous and she blessed of it. Pope Keryllous looked at her and said “Oh my daughter, you and your mother”. The girl went back home and she was healed with the prayers of pope Keryllous the sixth who is the man of God.



Translated by:

Nazeer Hafiz


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