He does not like joking.


One day I was reading a book about the biography of Pope Kirollios the 6th and I had a problem, I spoke to his picture and said you are useless , and I throw the book on the desk and slept. During sleeping I saw a dream, a camel in our old house came near me and bitted me. I was awakened and my arm was hurting me and I saw a cut and blood in it .I went to see the doctor who advised that I should make an operation. But the Bishop Makarious saw it and refused the operation idea he only massaged with oil my arm for one, two and in the third time the wound was healed and left many crosses on my arm to remember the incident.
Afterwards I was surprised to hear Bishop Makarious saying do not joke because Pope Kirollios the 6th does not like joking. You have to ask for Pope Kirolliosís forgiveness. I hope he will forgive me and remember me in front of God.


Translated by:

Nermin Amin



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