One touch is enough


for the LORD watches over the way of the righteous,
         but the way of the wicked will perish.


Name: Wahib Salib Gobrial – retired Deputy of a technical school-


I was banished out of the church with other when we were only kids not for any reason , only because some well known people were coming. We left the church for a long time. Until it was 1960 and I went to the monastery of St Mary in Dronka – Assuit- with my wife and her nephew as I was working there. While going I saw many signs and decorations and I knew that all that was because Pope Kirollios was going to visit the monastery.

At about 9 pm he came and was greeted by the people and the bells rang. Jerusalem clock was announced as if you were in heaven. Moments will never be repeated and when they came to the top of the hill Pope Kirollios went from the car and all the people surrounded him asking for his blessings. I felt for the first time the power of God’s men filled with spirit and I felt the power taking me near to him. At last I cam near him and I touched him from the shoulder without seeing me . I felt it was not enough for me and that I have to take more blessings, and I tried once more and after a while I was able to put my right hand on his shoulder. I heard him saying once is enough,  I believed the greatness of this saint and went back to the church.


Translated by:

Nermin Amin



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