Priest Gerguis is downstairs , sitting on the first chair


Late Father Gerguis the priest of Michael the head of the angles church- in Tonson Shoubra went to visit his holiness Pope Kirollos VI . The pope was in the reception area of the second floor and as fater Gerguis was old he stayed in the reception of the first floor in order to take some rest before he goes upstairs to the second floor.
Pope Kirollos called his student telling him , to go down to the first floor as he will find him sitting on the first chair and to tell him that the Pope wants him in an important issue.
The student went down and found that father Gerguis is sitting on the first chair as the Pope said and he was astonished.
How did he knew that he was staying in the reception while the Pope was in the second floor. And how did he knew that he was sitting on the first chair. It is not surprising as he is the man of God.






Translated by:
Nermin Amin


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