Pope the Guard of Wheat


From a farmer who loves the life of Pope Kirollos VI .

He bought a book for the miracles of Pope Kirollos VI and put it in his Galabeha where he takes it out and read in. it whenever it is possible. When it was the time of harvest the collected all the wheat and he had to stay awake in order to guard the wheat . In a cold night and at midnight he buried the book of the miracles in the
Wheat trough.
He left the wheat to be guarded by Pope Kirollos VI and told him to take care. The farmer came once more back in the morning and found that everything is OK but after 2 hours his cousin came and told him that yesterday at half past one I came nearby and greeted you from far away but you did not reply . The farmer said I was not there . his cousin said no you were there but wearing a black gown and carrying a black stick in your hand. The farmer knew the persons who were carrying the black stick and a black turban he was Pope Kirollos VI




Translated by:
Nermin Amin


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