Where have you been Yesterday at 6 PM ?


The owner of this story is a person in Preparatory stage and the exams were near by . He heard that Pope Kirollos VI prayers for students and opens the books for them so that may be questions come from these pages. One afternoon he took some of the books and went St. Mark church in Azbakia and went to the hall where Pope Kirollos VI meets his guests and waited in the line for his turn. When it was his turn Pope Kirollos VI slapped him on his face and told him you have got exams where have you been yesterday at 6 PM . The guy felt ashamed from himself and did not raise his face to the Pope as he was in the cinema with some of his friends at the same time Pope Kirollos VI was speaking about.
How could Pope Kirollos VI know the date ? how could he knew the time ? all these are signs of the work of blessing by the holy spirit in God's saint.




Translated by:
Nermin Amin


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