All my Sons


From a man from Luxor a Catholic-
He read the books and the miracles of Pope Kirollos VI and he felt happy but deep inside he said is it possible for the Orthodox Pope to go for a Catholic? His mother was a kind lady and she asked him to pray for Pope Kirollos VI blessings but he said I am a Catholic and he is an Orthodox I wonder if he can do something for me and he slept. During the night Pope Kirollos VI came to him in a dream and told him who said I do not come you are all my sons give me your head . He hold it and prayed many long prayers, then he said you are OK now. When he awoke up he put his hand on his forehead and found the tracing of oil which was put by Pope Kirollos VI and he tried to stand up alone without the help of anyone , he found himself in a very good condition . He went to see the doctor and he announced that he was healed by a miracle and asked him to stop the medicine. He is in a very normal condition all this because of the prayers and the blessings of Pope Kirollos VI the man of miracles.





Translated by:
Nermin Amin


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