What’s in your Tommy is Yours


You, LORD, are near to all who call upon you, to all who call upon you in truth


Mr. Sami Wassef – Printing and Publishing manager in Beni Seuif archdiocese says:

I was married in 1965 and had 4 children all dead as each child lives only 6 months and then dies .During the 5th pregnancy we were in Alexandria and Pope Kirollios was there .We went to visit St. Mark church for praying and asking for blessings especially for the 5th pregnancy .When Pope Kirollios saw us he said What’s in your Tommy is Yours, you have to babtise him in St. Mina monastery in Mariout and he blessed us. Afterwards my wife gave birth to our first child Mervat on the 1st of February and in June we went to St. Mina monastery in Mariout accompanied by George Gali the photographer in order to baptize the child. Mervat lived because of his prayers, obtained her Bsc. in Agriculture and was married. She is very blessed because she was born with a promise from God’s Saint.


Translated by:

Nermin Amin



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