The man who has a big TURBAN on his head

    A lady from the old-Cairo area says that: her sister was pregnant in her last month (the ninth month) and she was always asking for the intercession of Pope Kirillos the sixth. When the time of the accouchement (giving birth to the child) came, her relatives called the accoucheuse to help her, that her accouchement was difficult to some extent because the child was her first one. She was calling Pope Kirillos out. Then the accoucheuse noticed that a man with a long barb was standing behind her, praying, putting a white cross on her head.
So she shouted at him saying: "get out of here" then she looked around her and found no one in the room. And the pregnant gave birth to her child safely.
And making the party, when the child was seven days, the accoucheuse came to congratulate the family as usual, when she entered the reception room, she saw a big picture of Pope Kirillos, so she screamed saying " this is the man, with the big Turban and a black shawl on his head, who was standing behind the head of the pregnant lady,….he was praying putting his white cross on her head…. "
All people found that they should call the newborn "Kirillos" asking for the intercession of the holy man Pope Kirillos the sixth.




Translated by:
Mirna Michael

Written by:
Marian Atalla.

Reviewed by:
Marian Fouad


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