So terrible for the devils


Someone of the Pope Kyrellous’s sons says…
Once as usual, Pope Kyrellous was welcoming everyone wants his prayers and everyone has a problem. The Pope Kyrellous was so tiered so he slept on his chair in the reception at Al-Azbakia Cathedral, someone who was traveling for along time asked the Pope Kyrellous’s discipline to meet the Pope but the discipline told the man that the Pope so tired and he entered his cave to have rest. At last the discipline gave him the permission to see the Pope as he insisted. The man was lucky to find that the Pope didn’t enter his cave and when he entered the Pope was sleeping…..
When the man was near to the Pope, he shouted “I want to go, I don’t want to see him.”, so the Pope got up and knew that the man has a devil on him. The Pope told him to come and prayed some psalms, so the man shouted aloud and felt down. After that the devil left this man and he slept peacefully for along time as he didn’t fell the sweetness of sleeping like this for many years….. Although the Pope was sleeping, he saved this man.







Translated by:
Nazeer Hafiz


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