Message from Assiuot: Mr. Shawky Zaky.

 He was insecticide merchant… but he didn’t get away the evil of villains. What a numerous the rancorous are! They falsely complain that he was a merchant of illegal insecticide and forbidden drugs, so he was unjustly arrested and his goods were confiscated… his mother found nothing to do but to take refuge in Pope Kirillos the beloved lawyer and the mediator of the poor and the oppressed… she was a simple woman had neither might nor power but in God, she didn't know where Pope Kirillos was even she didn't visit his monastery before but she heard about the power of his intercession and his great help.

On Thursday after arresting the mentioned man, she was sitting in front of her house when the man whom she asked for his intercession came to her; he patted her shoulder and said "Don't worry, the goods will come on Saturday and God will reveal the truth." And it was said that her son had some difficulties in his travel to El-Kuwait but also Pope Kirillos told her that he will travel at the same day -Saturday- at 3 o'clock; Pope Kirillos walked with her about ten meters talking with her, then he disappeared.

She remained raving " he was here, spoke to me, he said….and said…" she couldn't sleep until that supposed Saturday and as Pope Kirillos told her; Mr. Shawky Zaky was declared innocent, and every thing became alright, and he received the goods, and traveled at the same day. His mother couldn't believe it and she longed to visit Pope Kirillos and St. Mina's monastery.





Translated by:
 Marihan Emad

Written by:
Marian Fouad.


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