The lost stipend



Attend to my cry, give ear my prayer from lips free of deceit (Psalm 17:1)


I served as  an employee in one of the governmental organizations, the period of my service was very limited and my job was very tough. I decided to take annual vacation without payment for 10 consecutive years and decided to save my insurance so that my service years will not be lost. I asked for settling my case and I was told that there will be a stipend   for me. I resigned and started asking about my stipend I was told that there will be no stipend for me. I was very sad as I had a family and we were in need.


I entered my bedroom and asked for the help of Pope Kirollos the 6th, I put all the documents on one of his photos and asked him to act as he is the man of miracles and prayer. I left the problem for him to solve and after 5 months I did not knew whether I will be having my stipend or not. Suddenly someone advised me to submit my military service certificate so that it will be included and it was the savor from all my troubles the case was settled and a stipend was given to me, all that was because of Pope Kirollos the 6th the Saint of the 20th century, I went to the monastery of St. Mina and Pope Kirollos.


Translated by:

Nermin Amin