Ariana the magistrate of Onsna

The name of Arianus( Ariana) was sticked to the name of Dqldjnos. The last was known by his cruelty in the persecution of Christians. The magistrate of Onsna in Upper Egypt (next to Malawi) during the age of Dqldjnos was as well known by inventing methods for the torture of Christians not only at the level of Upper Egypt, but his reputation spread outside Egypt. The governors sent to him whom they wished to torture. The name of Arianus was stated in the biography of many martyrs. We do not know what was this magistrate feelings when he faced these giants in the Christian faith who were mostly offset by Applaud ably death and joy. What we can not deny that he might felt self humiliation and recognized the power of martyrs. God's grace attracted him not only of faith but also to face martyrdom. On one occasion while he was enjoying torturing the Christians, he aimed his arrow towards Philemon the famous piper of Onsna who converted from being a pagan to accept the Christian faith and confess the testimony of the Right. The direction of the arrow was reversed hitting the eye of Arianus. He started screaming and mocking God. Philemon quietly asked him to go to his grave after his departure and to place some dirt,on his hurt ed eye. Then he had to rub it in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As he beheaded Philemon of Ariana the pain in his eye enormously intensified . He sneaked towards the cemetery at dawn, followed and completed what Philemon told him. Indeed his eye was healed. Arianus entered the city of Onsna, boldly open ed the gates of prisons to free the Confessors and witnessed for the LORD JESUS Christ ... The emperor at the time was visiting Alexandria. He did not believe news that he heard. He sent four guards to check the news and asked them to summon Arianus to him. Arianus paid gold coins to the guards to allow him to visit the graves of Saints Philemon and Obolinos. There he heard a voice that encouraged him to face the martyrdom. So he went with guards filled with divine ecstasy of joy. When he met Dqldjnos the Emperor, he announced his rejection of the worship of the idol god Apollo, Dqldjnos ordered digging of a well and throwing him inside and rubbling the well. The soldiers were dancing around the well, saying: "Let's us see if Christ will come and save him". Dqldjnos still did not believe what was happening around him and how Arianus converted to the Christian faith. While he was psychologically confused , he found Arianus in front of him in his bedroom. He was scared and thought that he came for revenge. Having found him calm he handled him to the soldiers who saw, grabbed him and checked that he was the same one whom they rubbled. The guards declared their belief in the Christian faith, especially after they watched Arianus expediting the emperor to hurry and kill in order to that he proceed to the eternal heaven. The dead bodies of Arianus and the four guard soldiers were thrown in the sea at the edge of the island of Ogiws, but their bodies float at the beach Iilozis. Some of the servants of Ariana's carried and cared to bury them. That was around 305 AM. There were many signs that originated from their grave. The Church celebrates his departure on the eighth of Barmhat. Reference: Deacon Joseph Habib: Martyrs Philemon the piper and Arianus the magistrate. O' Leary: The Saints of Egypt, 1974, p 86. May the Blessings of their prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Ariana the magistrate of Onsna
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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