Arkanius the Magistrate of Samanood Martyr

God gave the Grace to Julius AlaaKafhs, one of the members of the high society of Alexandria in the eyes of Armanios the magistrate of Alexandria. This was for the purpose of allowing him to complete what He ordered him to do. That is to say: taking care of the holy relics of the martyrs and writing their biography. GOD did not ban him from joining the martyrs and saints. After the death of Dkldjnos the wave of persecution calmed but Constantine had not yet became a Christian. So some governors were exercising persecution within their personal capacity. The LORD JESUS Appeared to St. Julius and ordered him to go to Arkanius the magistrate of Samanood and publicly declare his Christian faith. He rushed and declared his Christian faith. The magistrate tortured him but the LORD was delivering him from these sufferings. Finally the magistrate brought him to the greatest temple of the idols that was served by forty idol's priests. He gently tried to convince him to present incense to the idols. The Saint cried to the LORD. The earth cracked and a huge hole opened under the temple opened and swallowed the temple, the idols and the idol's priests. The magistrate was frightened and asked the Saint to tell him about his God. He believed in the LORD JESUS Christ accompanied by of some members of his entourage. The magistrate wished to enjoy the crown of the martyrdom joined with Julius. The two went to Atreeb (Now its ruins are called the hill of Atreeb). They declared their Christian faith and were subjected to many sufferings. The Pagans were getting ready to celebrate one of the idol gods at the temple of Atreeb. They completed their arrangements, decorations and ignited the lamps, and everyone was full of joy {the only joy for the true Christian believers is their joy in the LORD}. In the middle of the night as the two Saints Julius and Arkanius were praying; God sent His Angel who destroyed the decorations of the statues of the idols, beheaded and stained them with a black paint. , In the morning the Pagans came putting on decorated clothes to celebrate the feast of their idols. They saw this scene. As the magistrate of Atreeb saw that, he declared his faith in the Lord. He headed with the two Saints to Toh (Biba county, govern ate of Beni Suef ); Where they met the magistrate Alexandros. They tried to preach him and convince him to join the Christian faith but he rejected that. He wanted to be sent them to Alexandria for trial amid any possible riots among the multitude due to their high ranks in the society. But they asked him to present them to the trial. Indeed, the three of them were martyred as well as many of the multitude who joined the Christian faith. That was on the 22nd of the month of Toot. May the Blessings of their prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Arkanius the Magistrate of Samanood Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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