Archilaus the XVIII Pope

Archillos (Archilaus ,Ackhelas or Achillas) was born in Alexandria. His life had been characterized by holy Christian virtues. In addition to his vast knowledge. The Pope ordinated him as a priest and gave him the presidency of the School of Alexandria. He was a disciple of St. Peter's seal of the martyrs in the school during the term of his presidency. When St Peter was ordinated as th 17th Pope of Alexandria, he appointed Alexandros and Archillos as his disciples. When he was summoned in prison he called them and told them that the priest Archillos be his successor and after that Alexandros. He warned them from the creative blasphemy of Arios. HE said that he refrained from accepting him not as a cruelty from him , but because Arios denied the Divinity of Christ. He told them that while in prison he saw an Apparition vision of the LORD Jesus Christ Who appeared to him with torn clothes. When he asked about the reason for that , the answer was that Arios tore His gown so he must not be accepted. When Archillos what sat on the chair after Pope St Peter, Arios begged him to restore him to the Church community , and demonstrated that he regretted what he did before. Archillos had forgotten the will of his predecessor and accepted him in the Church community. He even ordinated him as a priest. Arios ordination was a disaster on of the Church throughout the world east and west. Archillos short sitting on the chair lasted only for six-months. He passed away on 19th Baonah about year 311 AD

Arabic biography source of: Archilaus the XVIII Pope
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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