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His growing up: John grew up with his wife Arskladia or Shawdwana in Rome, Their lived a godly virtuous life They cried to the LORD requesting that GOD Grant them the gift of having blessed children. GOD Granted them “Archillides” whom they brought him up by educating him the true Christian virtues. When he was six years his father died and his mother took care of him. She called an instructor from Rome called Tofels WHO WAS interested in teaching him Bible studies and Christian wisdom. As a fruit of that the boy was rose up characterized by the Christian virtues and was successful in his life. He joined the army and became a distinguished officer. His mother wanted him to complete his studies at Athens in order that when he returned he might marry. Archillides agreed to travel for study but rejected the idea of marriage. He headed to Athens accompanied by 2 youth to serve him, but the ship stopped in one port. When Archillides and his companions arrived at the shore they found a sunk man's body thrown ashore by the waves to the mainland. Archillides thought of the demise of this life and decided d to leave everything and went to a monastery to live there as a monk. He donated each one of his companions fifty pieces of gold and asked them not to tell his mother anything. But he instead going to Athens he headed to Palestine. In Palestine In Palestine he went to one of the monasteries where he was under the surveillance of a monk named "Romans". Archillides met with the head of the monastery who spoke to him. He felt that the Grace of God was working in Archillides. Before accepting him, he explained to him the difficulty of Monasticism. When it was time for aghabi, Archillides apologized that and told the monks that it was not his habit to eat bread, but only a little grain and beans. As the monks noted the Grace of God working in him, they loved him. Everybody uses to consult him.As his mother was cut off any news about him, she was confused and anxious. While she was asking about him in Athens, she was in tears. Some pointed out that she should open her home to welcome strangers, probably she could be inferred from them, but the days passed and she knew nothing about her son. She was unable to condolence, feeling guilty that she might pushed him to death by her own hands, as she urged him to leave the army and travel to Athens for further studies. One day she hosted strange traders from Palestine, she heard them saying that they had seen a human conquered by the evil spirit ( the Satan) and became talking among themselves that it was necessary to send this man to Palestine to the monastery of father Romans where the monk Archillides would pray for him so the LORD Would heal him. They were talking about this monk and the work of God in him. The mother was listening to their talk and recognized that this monk was her own son. She asked them to tell her about how to go to get healed from a disease in her body, that infected her since twelve years and told them that the doctors had failed to treat her. One of them told her that the road was hard and that she had to travel a long distance, but she insisted to know its place and to go and see this monk. He replied that the monk did not accept to see any woman but merely praying on a sacred oil and sent it to any sick woman so she got healed. The mother collected all her funds and launched by the Bishop of Rome telling him that God heard her cries and guided her to her son, who became a monk in Palestine. She told the Bishop that she planned to go to meet her son and so she was leaving all their property in the hands of Bishop for his disposal, and asked him to pray for them. A mother's meeting with her son: The mother traveled to Palestine and suffered so much on her way till she reached father Romans' monastery. She forgot all troubles as she was thinking of the joy of seeing her son. She knocked on the door of the monastery and met the monk in charge. She requested to meet monk Archillides He apologized that he had never met a woman. She begged him to go and to tell him that "Look, your mother is standing at the door and wants to see you before her death." The monk went and told Archillides what his mother said. Archilides was confuses and knelt to pray, requesting help from God because he had promised God that he would never look at a woman's face. Then he asked the monk to go to his mother and to tell her that he could not see her, and if she wanted she could join one of the convents of women as a nun. The mother answered: Say to him “I had suffered from the hardships encountered by traveling on the road and had faced the horrors of the sea travel. I was the one who gave you birth and undergone several troubles while upbringing you up all days and nights. I wish you respond to my supplications and allow me to spend few minutes with you. You are my condolence and my heart." The monk told father Archillides the words of his mother, He asked him to inform her that he would compensate her for what she suffered, but he would never deviate from his promise to the Lord. The mother did not feel at ease from her son's response and answered that if he still insisted refusing to meet her she would leave and go to the wilderness exposing herself to the beasts. Her blood would be asked from her son. Father Archillides did not endure to hear these words, he asked the monk to allow her to enter while his eyes were full of tears. Archillides knelt to pray asking the LORD not to abandon him and to take his spirit so that he could meet HIM.-As she entered she found that her son had died. She wept bitterly and regretted that she insisted on an interview with her son. She asked the LORD to take her soul with her son. Already the mother knelt beside the body of her son and delivered her spirit. The monks gathered around Archillides and his mother bodies to hear from the monk responsible for the monastery door on what had happened. Their tears id not stop when they thought about this amazing father in his love of GOD As they wanted to bury the two bodies the monks disagreed among themselves wondering if they would bury them together or not. As they discussed the matter they heard a voice coming from the body of St. Archillides, saying: "O my brothers I ask you to put my body with the body of my mother, because I did not allow her to see me while we were in the body, but now that I emerged from this world, leave the two bodies together.The Church celebrates the memorial day of their passing away on the14th of the month of Toba. Reference: OO. Leary: The Saints of Egypt, 1974, p 84. The disciples of Bishop Shenouda the head Hermit : St. Archillides the Monk (from the manuscript at the Baramous Monastery of our Lady St Virgin Mary ). May the Blessing of their prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Archillides St
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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