Ginadeus provided us with a chapter on a Christian philosopher named Bachiarius (chapter 24), Who devoted all his possibilities and time to God. Some believe he was a Spanish monk from Gallaecia others thought he was a bishop. He wrote an article defense "of faith" Libellus de fide about the year 383 AD, addressed to the Bishop of the city (probably Rome) by it... Ginadeus believes that in this article, defended himself against those who misunderstood his many travels, stressing that such travel does not have a fear of people, but for God, leaving his land and his clan to become a partner with parents father Abraham. In the opinion of some scholars that this article was in defense of Orthodox, declaring that he left his hometown and became a wandering because his city fell into the heresies attributed to Origen (such as a precondition for the same man before pregnancy) and Hlvedios denying the continuing virginity of Mary. Also his essay De reparatione lapsi addressed to the abbot called Januarius and his monks, they expelled a monk because he committed a terrible sin and did not accept his repentance, and closed the front door of hope in the return to a holy life. They request from the monk to leave the woman committed the sin with, and complements his repentance, and not marry her. This article has a particular importance in the detection of the concept of repentance of the Spanish at that time.

Arabic biography source of: Bachiaros
Translated by: Fawzy Fayez
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