Arsvios and Arkiyas Martyrs

The two brothers Arsvios and Arkiyas were Martyred with a large number of martyrs in the city of Assiut, when St Abba Eskarion was to be taken to Ensana to be tortured by the magistrate Ariana. But since he was not there, he was taken to Assiut, where they were tortured by Ariana who tortured all the Christian believers there. Ariana was accompanied by Maxemas (probably the Assiut magistrate). The latter had ordered tying the two brother and Arsivuos Arkiyas, whipped and moving them to the western side the city. They were held to two pickets in the ground being tied by strong ropes and remain so tormented hoping that they might surrender and present incense to the idols. Gladly they accepted and endured the suffering, did not care to listen what to what the magistrate men were telling them. They refused to present incense. The magistrate ordered that they should be put inside the bathroom fireplace. The soldiers went to bring the Saints, but found that they had delivered their spirits amid the pain and gained the crown of martyrdom. Reference: Church of Our Lady St Virgin Mary, Meharem Bey: he biography of the martyr St. Abakarion, the soldier. 1977; pp: 23-25. May the Blessings of their prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Arsvios and Arkiyas Martyrs
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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