Arestos the Apostle

This Saint was one of the seventy messengers . He was Granted the Grace of the HOLY SPIRIT, the Comforter Spirit with the Apostles in the Zion and spoke with them different languages. Joined by them, he preached, served and suffered many times. Placing their hands on him, they ordinated him as a bishop of Jerusalem. He preached and taught there and in other cities. The LORD Granted him the talent to perform many signs. He accompanied and struggled with Apostle Paul during his many preaching travels. He was the one that was mentioned in the nineteenth chapter of " Acts of the Apostles". Having reached old age, he safely passed away Reference: The Synexarium, 29 Bermodah May the Blessing of his prayers be with all of us AMEN

Arabic biography source of: Arestos the Apostle
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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