Ariston Martyr

In the days Dkldjnos an order was issued for persecuting Christians. Priest Ulianos as an eye witness told us about the suffering which was tasted by Ariston, Amon, and other martyrs in the City Albehnsa. Named (Axeirhnjos? Oxyrhynchos) after a kind of fish which the inhabitants of this city worshiped. The ruler who was named Klekianos summoned them to the city court and with an ironic smile, he said: Those are who followed a misleading fake blasphemy, rejecting the laws of the empire, and contradicting justice, disbeliever the sacred religion of the gods that do not die!". The believers accepted this mocking so quietly, and responded instead that they are not owners of any novelty nor are they disbeliever justice, but they will not leave GOD Who loved them. The magistrate asked them to give up their philosophical words and sacrifice to appease the gods of the empire until they get the dignities and be counted as his friends. They rejected that totally. The magistrate chained their hands and legs, laid them in prison until they review themselves before engaging in violence and brutality against them. He summoned them the following day, transferred them to the martyrdom plaza, which was crowded with audiences, the pagans who came to enjoy the vision of the Christians undergoing suffering. The magistrate left his right hand to quieten the roaring crowd. He addressed his speech to a Christian one who was offered to the martyrdom and said to him: "you see Marcel how Marcel how your foolishness lead to launch you and your colleagues on predatory monsters milling canines. Love your life and leave your fake belief and obey the orders of Emperor and present sacrifices to our gods. Otherwise I swear by the gods that do not die, It will not keep any part from your bodies. I will burn what is left of you after I launch monsters to eat you " . This man and his colleagues had not accepted any these threats, but they welcomed all the pain for the sake Christ--------. The magistrate flouted them how to worship the Crucified, who was sentenced to death and His case was registered in the list of Romanian minors. As they began to talk about the Sacrifice, the Ransom and the Cross, he tried to stop them from talking. Finally, as the magistrate felt that his words did not help he signaled for opening the doors of the cages of the hungry monsters. As soon as the doors were opened, four of the bears rushed rapidly towards them in the arena to licked their feet as if they turned from their brutal behavior to become calm sheep. This surprised all the multitude and caused the magistrate to become furious and considered that this is a real magic. He ordered that a fire should be ignited and as the roarin flames highly rose he threw them in its middle. They were happily and cheerfully praising GOD in the midle of the flaming fire and they safely came out of the roaring flames and considered this more than a console. The magistrate did not appreciate how GOD Preserved and Cared for them.. He ordered that they should be executed and threw their bodied in the flaming fire. Some believers had been collected their holy relics that were received by a sister of the LORD (Tasoni ) called "Yssicia. May the Blessings of his prayers be with all of us Amen. Reference: Cheneau: Les Saints D' Egypt, t 2, v. 245-8.

Arabic biography source of: Ariston Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
Report incorrect translation: contcat us.

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