Arsenious and Olugios The Martyrs

The Church celebrates their martyrdom of standing on the 16th of the month of Khiak. According to the Coptic Synexarium , Rene Basse edition; Olugios and Arsenious were of Syrian nationality. They left their country and came to Egypt so not to deny their Christian faith. They faced the trial before the magistrate (Most probably Akhmeeem magistrate) and said to him that this time is the third time in which they faced a trial for the sake of their belief in Jesus Christ and they would never deny their Christian faith. The magistrate ordered to suspend the stones in the neck, suspended them upside down , then tied stones in their legs and threw them in the river The stones float and the martyrs sat on them and returned to the mainland. Then the magistrate ordered that they be beheaded suspended from their feet upside down. By this they got the crown of martyrdom. Their monastery at Akhmeem is called the "Iron monastery." ==== Their miracles: 1st miracle: it was said that a shepherd sat at the east hill of the Monastery on the shore of the Nile, and was shamelessly whistling and dancing. He felt that as if a hand had drew him and was subsequently led to the Nile to find himself facing a crocodile with his mouth widely opened to swallow him. Facing death he screamed to God asking for help and the intercession martyrs.. The crocodile disappeared. He was aware that what happened was due to the reckless and non reverence for the sacred monastery. 2nd miracle: A lady was heading towards the monastery. She was objected on her way by a man who wanted to rape her. On the spot two wolves appeared, attacked him and were almost going to eat him alive. The man cried to the LORD asking for the intercession of the two Saints. The Lord saved him, the man began to recognize his sins. He rushed to the church confessing and repenting from his sins. This repentance continued during all his life. Reference: Nabil Salim: Shahid your Bakhoum and sister Dhalcom, 1967.

Arabic biography source of: Arsenious and Olugios The Martyrs
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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