Arsenious the slave of Sosenyos

In the era of Dkldjnos a rich man "Sosenyos" suffered of torments. The Emperor was told that this man,owned a slave boy who did not worship the idol gods but worshiped Christ, The emperor called him with the idea that he could affect the psychological state of Sosenyos by forcing his owned slave boy to deny his faith, but the latter happily endured the pain. This was a cause to of consolation to his master.t. The emperor had felt ashamed and was forced to order that Arsenious should be beheaded. This was in the 18th of the month of Barmuda. May the Blessings of his prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Arsenious the slave of Sosenyos
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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