Arsenious Saint

The Church commemorates the memorial day for his pass away on 13 in a month Bashens. He was born in Rome around the year 354, gained as high culture as he was raised in a high society family. It was said that he was ordinated as a deacon. Tedosios Constantinople handed him his sons to become his disciples. The two were named Honorios who became empress of the Western and Arcadeus who became Emperor of the East after the death of his father. The philosopher kept asking God: ” O LORD show me the Way of Salvation”. He heard a Voice Saying “Arsenious flee away and abandon the crowd and you will be saved”.. Indeed, he traveled to Alexandria and then to Alasagit Valley( Wadi El Natroun). Around 400 AD St. Maqarios spotted that he was loving calm living so he gave him a monk's room outside the monastery ( Kalaayaa). After few days St. Maqarios passed away. Arsenious lived an ascetic life with calmness and tranquility, demonstrating an example of a humble preacher's life with his tears, silence, tears and prayers. During the year 434 AD after the second raid had occurred on the Alasagit he moved to the Tora mountain, then to Kanubis near Alexandria and finally returned back to the Tora mountain where he passed away around the year 440 AD. His sainthood life: Arsenious practiced the life of sainthood, and was known for his humility. He was sitting at my feet one of the illiterate monks as his disciple. He used to say: "I studied Latin and Greek, while Alpha Vita known to this Egyptian illiterate monk I do not know well yet". While sitting doing ribbons with the palm leaves, tears flew from his eyes,till the hair of his eyelids fell from his excessive crying, During the summer he used to wet the palm leaves with his tears. During his work his tears fell on a towel that he used to put on his lap. His love for ascetic life: The extent of his strict love for ascetic life is illustrated when Pope Tofels came to meet him along with the Governor, asking him to tell them some wise beneficial wordworth. After he kept silent for a while he asked them to promise him to exercise what he would say to them. As they did, he said to them: "If you hear that Arsenious is somewhere do not go to meet him" Once again the Pope sent him a message asking for his permission to meet him. St. Arsenious replied by the following message: "If you came to me I have to open the door for you, and if so I have to open for every one and the end result will be that I can not live here any longer. According too this the Pope did not go to him so as not to interrupt his ascetic life. Father Mark once asked him : "Why do you evade us?" He replied: "God knows that I love you all , but I can not be with God and people ( as an ascetic), thousands and thousands of the Heavenly Hosts have one united will while many people they have different wills. That is why I cannot leave God and be with people". Father Daniel said that he stayed awake the whole night, and in the early morning as his human nature forced him to sleep, he slept saying to his sleeping desire "Come you evil slave", and then sat for a little sleep and waked. Once a foreign brethren came to the church at the Alasagit and asked for a permission to see St. Arsenious. This brethren refused to eat anything until he could see him . The Abba of the monks sent a monk who took him to meet St Arsenious who remained silent so foreign brethren felt shy. brother strange and asked for a permission leave. Then he returned requesting to meet St. Moses the Black (who was a former thief)---- Anba Moussa met him by toy and attributed the word of God to him and then pemitted him to leave. The brethren who accompanied him said: "I had accompanied you to the foreigner and the Egyptian, which one of the two comforted you? He answered saying: the "Egyptian". On hearing hat one of the brethren prayed to God, saying: "Expose to me this O Lord, one escaped from the people for the sake of Your Name, and other welcomed them with open his arms for the sake of Your Name, too. While he insisted on praying he saw a vision where two great ships were sailing across a river with a view of Anba Arsenious accompanied by the spirit of God in one calmly sailing ship and in other a view of Anba Moussa with the angels of God eating honey cakes. We are really in need people like Arsenius having a flaming spirit living a godly life as a source of blessing to the church. Serving her by their continuous prayers and uninterrupted thoughts in the Lord. In their silence they speak stronger than words. The church is also in need of godly people like the working Mosses who opens his arms to the hearts of the failing to to strengthen them in the Lord and encourage them to unit with the Holy Spirit adds to eat and feel the saturation of the spiritual sacred oil of the Lord!. Really has been marked St Arsenious was characterized by being strict towards his ascetic life. Once he even blamed one of the high society ladies who came from Rome to visit him saying:”That it was inappropriate for her to travel by road and sea to sees him. She should have tried to imitate his ascetic life if she wanted that. By her visit, the sea will be open to numerous women to come to visit”. But when she asked him to mention her in his prayers, he replied that he would pray to God to erase from his heart her image ,name and any thought about her. All this what seemed to be a phenomenon of cruelty to the woman that caused her yo feel hurt and troubled her was not due to hate or about the lack of a loving heart but to close the door to visitsof the high society women who would imitate her. He feared that his life would be transformed into a life full of courtesies and many interviews during which he would loose his calmness. . But as s Pope Tofels told her , St Arsenious undoubtedly would pray for her as he posses an open loving heart . This could be seen by what his disciple Daniel told about him that he was always joyful even during shedding tears. His silence, and ascetic life did not signify any bitterness or even suppress the joy that he always felt.,His heart had an expanded room for love towards God and the people. This was reflected on his face and features, and became a living certificate of the work of Grace hidden in it more than any talk or preach. Of his quotes: “ Meditate Arsenious of what you are searching for. If GOD Called us HE Will Show Himself to us, and if we hold HIM, HE Stays close to us" “ I spoke often and regret but for staying silence I had never regret” May the Blessing of his prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Arsenious Saint
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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