Arsekeus the Confessor

From the men of the fifth century (In its beginning). The church historican Sozomen, told us biography of the confessor Arsekeus (Arsacius-Ursacius). Western countries celebrate his memorial day on August 16. He passed away during the year 358 AD. Arsekeus originated in Persia, had become one of the soldiers who were responsible for the training of lions. In the days of the rule of emperor Licinius, he joyfully endured suffering for his faith in Jesus and left the military life. Nicomedia went to Nicomedia the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, and lived a virtuous life practicing the monastic life with its charity and purity. GOD donated him the talent of performing miracles , healing the sick and and conquering the evil spirits by ordering them to leave any human. Historican Suzumin wrote to us some of his good works quoting from reliable people who told him that they had heard that from those who had visually observed the following stories:: 1. On one occasion injured a man was injured by an evil spirit, and was extremely aggravated, grabbed a sword and headed to the city market, creating a panic, and the All flee from him. Hence, the Saint prayed for him and the evil spirit left him. He threw the sword away and become calm 2. A multitude came as some were been threatened by the deadly reptiles. The Saint went with them to where there are these reptiles, and by the blessings of his prayers the reptiles died. That brought joy to the multitude. 3. A divine vision declared to him that the city would be severely devastated. He rushed to the church and met with other priests and seriously asked them to cry to God that His anger may left. They mocked him. He started to shout to the crowds to abandon the city. They calmly looked at him. As he went to where he lived outside the city, he lied on the ground weeping and prayed in tears. He asked God to take his soul so that he would not see with his own eyes the devastating loss. Immediately a powerful earthquake occurred and destroyed the city and every building in the city caught fire so that the whole city looked like a flaming furnace. The people were in great panic Those who fled quickly went to where his home was; to find him dead while kneeling to pray. This last desire to die and did so that not to see what was going to happen to his brothers in the city; in spite of their evil and their mocking his warnings revealed his faithful feelings that came from his discreet and loving heart that can not endure seeing the others in pain and distress. This is the spirit of the Apostle Paul, that: "who is weak, and I am not weak, who is offended and I burn not? (2 Co 11: 29). Reference: Sozomen: Eccl. Hist. 4: 16 May the Blessings of his prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Arsekeus the Confessor
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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