He was a righteous honored man. Views differed about the identity of Artemius(Artimeos). He served faithfully the Roman Kingdom during the days of Constantine and his sons after him. He was promoted to high rank positions and even received the rank of "Avgasti", the title of a special mandate who ruled Egypt. It Appeared that he had been affected the Arian's thoughts. When George the Kabadokian forcedly got hold of the Alexandria Patriarchate and St. Athanasius the real Alexandrian Pope fled away; Artemius had a duty to seek behind him and was looking for him in monasteries in Egypt and the wilderness in Egypt. He persecuted the Orthodox Church in Egypt very violently. Some believed that it what might forgive him was that when t Ulianos the Disbeliever took the throne and started to persecute Church of God as well as he persuaded the Jews to behave against the Christians, and wanted to revive the pagans again. At that time Artemius had retired from his job and became elder. He went to the Emperor and advised him to stop these actions. The emperor became furious . He delivered Artemius to the soldiers who moked and humiliated him. Finally the emperor ordered that he should be beheaded at Antioch in 363 AD Reference: Butler, S Lives of Saints, Oct; 20

Arabic biography source of: Artimeos
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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