Irtemas the martyred

The Italians celebrate his memorial day in Puteoli, the place of his birth. He was called called Irtemas and incorrectly known as Pantimacejus. The date of his martyrdom is not known is not known. During his childhood Irtemas boy was a virtuous boy loving the LORD JESUS CHRIST . He lived in Puteoli in southern Italy. He was enrolled in a school of a pagan man called man Cathegeta. “From the overflow of the heart speaks the tongue”, the boy's behavior appeared different from the rest of his colleagues who loved and stuck to him. His faith was announced to his teacher who started to blame and and threaten him with the stick. The boy courageously said: "Even if you hit me with the Whips, you will not hit my deep faith inside."he teacher became furious and ordered the students to punish him , those who grew up on the love of shedding blood in the reviews that are held in assemblies at the public theaters. They hit him with their iron pens used used to carve the wax sheets, and continued to stab him till he died. His memorial day is on January 25. Reference: Rev. Baring-Could: Lives of the Saints, 25 June 1872 May the Blessings of his prayers Be with all of us AMEN

Arabic biography source of: Irtemas the martyred
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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