The Adrosis the Martyred

This is the story of the Martyrdom of Adrosis on the hands of father who loved her by all his energies, but he did not accept Christ Who Was Working inside her. Accordingly he delivered her to the roar of a flaming fire to get rid of her. Her origin: Adrosis or Atrasis was the daughter of king Adrian (117-138 AD), and her father loved her enormously so he hid her from the eyes of the people. But all the potentials and facilities offered at the palace could not enter the heart of this girl pagan, and the dignity of her father the king did not introduce any feeling of pride in her. But she felt the demise of the entire world and the end of this life with all its glory and attractions as well as its troubles too. She was crying to God to guide her on what to do. She saw a vision at the night and heard a voice saying: "Ask virgin Iona the daughter of Velosfon (That is to say: The philosopher) and she will guide you to the Way of the LORD” . Adrosis woke up feeling that joy was filling her heart. She sent to the virgin Iona calling her to come. When she came she knee led in front of her , but Iona immediately asked her to get up. They embarrassed and hugged each other in love.. Her conversion to Christianity: Iona started talking about God the Creator who loved the humans , and established every thing for human sake . When man fell HE sent to him the law a and the prophets. Then she revealed the secret of the Divine Incarnation and the effecting work of the Cross, the Power of the Resurrection and the glory that God prepared for man's eternity. The princess was filled with joy and accepted the LORD CHRIST. Both shared the same spirit as if they were two bodies having one spirit. They shared their fasting and their prayers. They had the same mind, the same hope and the same desire that was to reject Paganism . Her father was engaged in fighting. When he came back , he asked her present incense to the idol Appolonia before her wedding . But he found his daughter talking with him about worship of the Living, God GOD'S Salvation and the rejection of pagan. He could not tolerate hearing this talk from his daughter. So he surveyed the cause of his daughter's transformation from the worship of the idol Appolonia. He discovered that Iona the daughter of Velosfon was the one who changed her thought. So he ordered that both should be thrown in fire together. The multitude of the city were crying bitterly for these two brides who went outside the city wearing luxury clothing and were jewelery decorated as if they were heading to their wedding ceremony . Everyone was crying, while both of them were full of joy. As the flames rose, the shouts of the multitude rose invoking them to obey the order of the King for sake of their youth, or are, But they calmly entered into the flaming fire , and headed towards the East praying together . When the fire subsided found the Christian believers found their bodies stuck to each other. Their dresses and jewelery were not changed or affected by the fire. They kept their bodies till the time of persecution had elapsed and built a great church that they named after them The Coptic Church celebrate their martyrdom on the eighteenth of the month of Hatoor. May the Blessings of their prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: The Adrosis the Martyred
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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